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Thread: Cheat Plant Vs ZOmbie Infinite Sun power

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    Tools :
    • Cheat Engine
    • Browser ( Mozila,Google Crome,etc )

    1. Open Cheat Engine, choose the right process, enable Speed Hack and set it to 0.0 but do not apply yet. Start a phase on the map (Road Trip), choose your plants normally, wait for the game actually begin. In most of the phases you start with 150 Sun power, but wait to check.

    2. Choose Double as value type and scan the amount of Sun you get (150), then buy a plant (not a Sunflower) or wait to collect Sun that drops. Apply the Speed Hack (that you previously set on 0.0), scan for the new value and find the right address.

    3. Change it for the amount you want (you really don't need much, you can easily win most of the phases in the beginning with just 1000). To get an achievement, you have to end the phase with at least 300.
    Note: by using this method you don't need to plant any Sunflower. The address will remain the same for as many games as you play, but it will reset after each game, so you'll have to change the amount again (keep Cheat Engine open).

    Watch Video :

    sorry newbie

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    Re: Cheat Plant Vs ZOmbie Infinite Sun power

    you have anything for gems?or code for gems

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    Re: Cheat Plant Vs ZOmbie Infinite Sun power

    I would think using my trainer would be easier

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